Tips for Making the Best ☕️ in the 🌎

Healthy Coffee That Tastes Amazing, A True Crowd Pleaser


I hope you found yourself highly inspired and motivated this morning.

If not, I have something that might help.

I was actually writing on another topic that’s not quite finished and then I took a sip of my coffee…

The mug was warm to the touch, delicious aromas hinting of a creamy chocolateness, vanilla, and cinnamon billowing up…

Is it just me or is coffee sometimes comforting, like a comfort food?

Or the way we might gather around a fireplace on a cold snowy Sunday.
Only the mug is like the fireplace for your fingers to gather around.

Then I realized… I make some pretty awesome coffee.
It’s soooo good.  It’s healthy too!  So I had to share.

There are a few key elements to concocting the best coffee ever.

  1. What kind do I buy?
  2. What method do I use to brew it?
  3. And what secret ingredients do I add? 😉

It’s great, especially when catching up on a book about someone who changed the world.

And once you know, it’ll make your Sunday afternoon reading time that much nicer.

But quick question,

If you could meet one of these two historical figures, which one would it be?

 One – J.K Rowling
(highly inspirational individual, we can all learn something from. started out poor and survived early on because of welfare, while writing the Harry Potter novels, and now gives millions upon millions to charity and helping children.)

Love her quote.

“It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case,
you fail by default.” –J.K Rowling

 Two – Benjamin Franklin
(Curious individual with too many accomplishments to list them all, an
expert writer, discovered electricity, saved millions with his lightning rod
invention, negotiated with Europe to build what some would argue is the
greatest country in the world, wrote the major parts of the Declaration
of Independence and the United States Constitution)

“If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write
things worth reading or do things worth the writing.” –Benjamin F.

Very curious to hear
what you have to think.

Notice both changed the world by writing.

Before I forget, coffee ☕️

So …

1) what kind do I buy? – organic light roast.

I’ve heard that some refer to a more popular brand as Char-bucks. For some reason, people think they like dark or medium roast. When actually, light roast tastes better IMO, and it’s not burned.

Any time you burn food, you introduce carcinogens.
(free radicals, aka cancer causing)

This includes burnt coffee.

Also, light roast has more caffeine 🏃

I usually get mine from Sprouts Grocery, this brand has over 2,000 reviews.
Also, it’s organic so you can truly enjoy that guilty pleasure…

because it isn’t treated with harmful chemicals.

2) what method do I use to brew it? – French Press.

(received this one <— for my bday a couple years ago, thanks mom!)

While this is a little less important, a French Press will make your coffee richer and more chocolatey.

3) what ingredients?

Well, I don’t use sugar or cream. Those are bad.

Instead, mix into your cup…
(don’t mix into your coffee press/maker.)

 – first, this one is key, 1/2 tsp of extra virgin coconut oil.

Virgin coconut oil is very creamy, flavorful, smells amazing, and it’s healthy.  I use this brand <—

The next 3 are optional… depending on who you’re trying to impress or how much you’d like to treat yourself.

I enjoy entertaining friends as well as treating myself, especially when reading and writing.

 – second, a dash of cinnamon.

 – third, 1 or 2 drips of pure vanilla extract.

 – fourth, 1 small square of organic 80% dark chocolate.

And that’s my secret for an amazing cup of joe.

If you’d like to be known among your friends as making the most magical coffee they’ve ever had.

… then don’t share this secret with them lol.

You’re welcome!

I gotta get back to work and finish my other post that I’m putting together just for you.

Talk soon in the next issue of “Nutrition Advice Weekly.”

Bye for now and have fun conquering your day! 🙂

Talk Soon. –Tim

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