8 ways to turn back the clock ⏳

Your DNA doesn’t define your destiny.

What’s in your…. DNA?
(pause meant for effect)

I’m talking to you. 😏

What I mean is, how much blame or applause does your DNA get because  of your current circumstances?

I ask because we give our DNA too much credit and not enough credit to the role that our own actions play in shaping our DNA.
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Ignite Your “Sweet 16 Gene” With This…

Step inside the mind of a famous scientist who made an important and literally, life changing discovery.

What is it?

When I learned this discovery from a widely looked-up-to molecular biologist and award winner from the National Academy of Sciences, I knew it was big.

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Gisele Bundchen Thinks Sunscreen Sucks!

Gisele Bundchen.

Best-Paid Fashion Model Ever. Victoria’s Secret Supermodel.

Loves Avocados, Dark Chocolate, and Almonds (also my favorites).

But Hates Sunscreen. She Calls It “Poison”.

She doesn’t even include sunscreen in any of her skin care product lines.

I know what you’re thinking. Using sunscreen is healthy, responsible, and it prevents cancer, right?

..if the sun’s rays are so bad and she’s so young looking, shouldn’t she be using sunscreen?

doesn’t the sun ruin your skin and make you age faster..?

Is it possible that the highest paying supermodel ever, Gisele Bundchen, could be right?

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