Heart Disease: 1 thing to avoid and 1 thing to do for your ❤️

2 things for heart disease

Hey there.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Have I got some things for you today.

Today’s issue of Nutrition Weekly is great for both your literal and figurative heart.

Today I’m gonna share one mistake that many make and don’t even
realize it.

It’s so sneaky that other “culprits” get the blame.

Pharmaceutical companies actually benefit from doctors selling the wrong
kinds of solutions.

It’s almost a taboo to even talk about..

..you know, like when we question status quo, Doctors, and question mainstream opinion.

What am I talking about you ask?

1) Perceived causes, like cholesterol and fatty foods,


2) the actual causes of heart disease.
(we’ll discuss one of them today)

Knowing what I’m about to share, just might help turn it all around for  you or someone you know.

Knowing 1 + 2 (from above) = healthier ❤️’s

and more opportunity to live out a life that brings happiness to you and your loved ones.

But… on a personal note, because my goal is to always overdeliver I’d like to offer something I recently learned about happiness.

I had a friend ask me what do people value most.

My answer was time. He corrected and said happiness.

After thinking about it, I agreed that both are equally important.

And then I saw one of my mentors (Bedros K) in Orange County a few weekends ago.

He showed me something that really helped to put things into perspective.

Happiness is determined by an equation made up of:

 – Health
 – Wealth
 – Relationships
 – Purpose

The quality of each of those 4 categories is determined by your actions.

Your actions are determined by your beliefs.

And when you boil it down, your beliefs are shaped by 2 things.

1) The thoughts that occupy your mind.


2) The people you surround yourself with.

So, if you find that you’re not as happy as you’d like to be..

Then likely the quality of health, or the quality of wealth, or your
relationships, or your purpose are not yet where you’d like them to be.

The ‘cure’ is to change.

Change the thoughts that occupy your mind and the people you surround yourself with.

By taking action towards these two things, you end up with more happiness.

I like the concept of small wins.

Aim to have consistent small wins every day.

Small wins build up over time, it’s almost like the time-value of
money in your retirement account.

It doesn’t balloon into millions overnight, it takes time, but you will
get there.

You’re on the right track.

(with the right people, thoughts, and action)

But Tim, I thought you wrote about nutrition…”

The thoughts that occupy your mind and the people you surround yourself with are every bit a form of nutrition as food or water.

So my job is to give you both, because, you can’t have a truly healthy life without both.

..we are whole beings and each building block that makes us human influences another.

Speaking of building blocks…

Calcium. “Got milk?”

It makes the bones strong right?

Would it surprise you to know that Dairy Marketers are primarily responsible for changing our beliefs about Dairy Milk,

“because it contains calcium.”

On the contrary, Benjamin Spock, a famous pediatrician, recommended against milk for children after age two.


“To prevent the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and cancer.”

Not to mention allergies, and the various autoimmune disorders like Crohn’s Disease, that milk’s been linked to.

But that’s just a side note.

What we’re mainly talking about today is calcium.

The National Institutes of Health did a study in 2013 on calcium supplements which suggested that there is indeed an increased risk of
heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases.


After another 10-year, federally funded heart disease study at Johns Hopkins Medicine,

researchers concluded that taking calcium in the form of supplements raises the risk of plaque buildup in arteries and can also damage the heart.

Note: The same does not apply from a diet which is naturally high in
calcium rich plant-based foods.

In layman’s terms..

.. calcium supplementation can lead to calcium buildup in the arteries and also hardening of the arteries, such as arterial calcification.

In addition,

a diet too high in calcium has been shown to lead to muscle cramps, and
as you know, you’re heart is a muscle too.

So imagine what happens when an already stressed out heart gets tired after trying to force freshly oxygenated blood through calcified and clogged arteries…

It causes muscle strain, kind of like a cramp.

aka heart attack. 🤜💔 Don’t punish your heart.

But don’t worry, it’s much easier to avoid with the right tools in your
“nutrition toolbox.”

Which is exactly the purpose of today’s post …to keep your heart happy.

Now that I’ve villanized calcium supplements (sorry not sorry😘)

1) if too much Calcium is the enemy of a healthy heart,


2) Magnesium (in one of the absorbable forms such as citrate or
magnesium malate)

is the heart’s hero.

Why Magnesium?

The journal Circulation published a study which suggests that daily magnesium supplements can help a weak heart.

Noel Bairey Merz, MD, (director of the preventive and rehabilitative cardiac center at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles) Says magnesium supplements enable patients suffering heart disease to exercise for longer and it also appeared to protect their hearts from the
stress of exercise.

Magnesium also restores some of the blood vessels’ ability to supply more blood when needed and blocks calcification of the arteries.

In the study,

three-quarters of the patients were magnesium-deficient at the beginning,

but after taking a supplement containing 365mg of magnesium twice a day for six months their levels normalized, they had better blood vessel

function, and their hearts showed less stress during exercise.

In layman’s terms..

Magnesium allows your heart to do more work with less effort.

It’s like natures best muscle relaxant.

There are two caveats I must share.

1) Too much magnesium can turn into a natural laxative…

That can be a pro or con depending on your situation lol.

So I wouldn’t recommend taking more than 400mg a day.

generally, 200-400mg is sufficient to get the most heart beats for the “buck”, depending on your body’s needs.

and caveat number 2) Women who are currently pregnant and growing
children may need more calcium than the average individual.

Always discuss with your Dr.

One last thing for you before we go.

There have been many recent studies showing that individuals living in
regions where there are low concentrations of magnesium in their water supply also have high rates of heart attack and deaths from stroke.

And the exact opposite is true.

Regions, where magnesium concentrations are found to be higher in the local water supply, have been shown to protect individuals from heart disease.

One such region is Adobe Springs, outside of S.F., CA.

In some cases, bottled water has a nutrition label that will specify the ratio of calcium and magnesium.

So next time you’re looking for a bottle of water to buy,

choose the one that has a higher ratio of Magnesium to Calcium. (Notice the label below)

This can be done for both regular water and coconut water.

water and heart disease
read nutrition labels on water and prevent heart disease.











In case you’re wondering, I take both of these forms of magnesium.

Mag-Res by Purity Products


Magnesium Optimizer
by Jarrow Formulas

That wraps it up for today.

Enjoy your V-Day!

and take care of that healthy, uncompromising, action taking heart of yours.

Talk soon. –Tim 😉​​​​​​

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