Attention: Women and men 35 and over that want to look and feel 15 years younger...naturally!


These Natural Anti-Aging Secrets loved and guarded by celebrities reveal what everyone over 35 wants to know...

What are some undesireable affects as we age...?

  • We lose our youthful skin, gain weight, and struggle to stay in shape
  • Get unsightly wrinkles, gray hair, or even lose our hair
  • We get stressed, lose our youthful energy, resiliency, and passion for life
  • Our flexibility, athleticism, and stamina all suffer
  • Our body's are at a greater risk of sickness, cancer, cardiovascular and heart disease, or autoimmune disorders
  • Our moods and our minds are attacked, leaving us prone to depression, forgetfulness, and unclear thinking

The key to aging, as well as YOUTHFULNESS, is found in our DNA.

What you might not realize, is our DNA isn't static.  It's always changing.  There are key lifestyle choices which affect how our DNA expresses certain genes.

Some of our genes are benefitial to our happiness and livelihood and others can be harmful when activated.  We have the ability to turn off and on certain genes --much like a light switch.

Depending on the active genes, you can be fit, have youthful skin, be impervious to sickness; or you can be overweight, suffering from pain, and look years older than you actually are.  


FIRST, no one has shown you the truth that I'm about to share.  From the beginning of time, certain ancient cultures have inadvertantly tapped into their DNA, causing them to live longer, enjoy physical activities and a vibrant social life well into old age.

There individuals today who are doing exactly that, but it isn't common knowledge.  Not everyone wants you to know these key lifestyle choices which give you the power to flip the right genetic switches.

SECOND, OUR FOOD IS SICK. When was the last time you read a food label and recognized all of the ingredients?

How much, do you think, of what we eat is actually REAL FOOD?

It's scary to think about all of the things we consume that are CHEMICALLY ALTERED, GENETICALLY MODIFIED, or even GROWN and MANUFACTURED IN LABS.  These foods cause our DNA to get "sick".

THIRD, there is a new science which has finally given us the answers as to why we age.  The good news is, nature already has a secret solution for this age theif.

TODAY, I'll show you how to flip your DNA switch to be young again.

I'll show you how you can easily navigate around all of these scary foods, so that you become your best you.

I'll show you nature's way to stop the age theif, so that from now on your DNA works for you, instead of against you.

These 3 scientifically proven secrets that celebrities have been using for decades to slow and reverse the causes of aging and once REVEALED, you too will…

  • Naturally look more youthful and have younger skin by activating the “Sweet 16 Gene”
  • Get lean fast and eliminate unsightly body fat by activating the “The Skinny Gene”
  • Turn on your DNA's full potential and repair years of damage done to your body from the inside out
  • Become less stressed and give yourself the mental clarity and sharpness you've been looking for by enabling the production of natural brain boosting proteins
  • Reduce your risk for chronic disease by giving your body the nutrients necessary to repair your DNA
  • Learn diet secrets that some centenarians* today are using to stay active and social well into old age (*centenarians are people over the age of 100, currently there are about 450,000 centenarians worldwide)
  • Activate your body's natural ability to produce stem cells and reduce signs of wrinkles and joint pain
  • Get your energy back and boost muscle growth naturally by increasing “The Fitness Hormone”
  • Heal your body by cutting out foods that can lead to many chronic diseases
  • Become more confident in who you are and stay young and healthy for your family and for yourself

After many years of designing a perfect diet for an active and social lifestyle, I realized many top celebrities are using some of these same secrets and they've paid thousands of dollars for experts like myself to design a youthful lifestyle strategy that support their active life.  It's easier than you might think.

Today, with these 3 diet secrets that I've already revealed to many other women and men just like you and compiled into an easy to follow and implement system, you too will have the knowledge to supercharge your energy and look and feel 15 years younger in only 21 days, without paying thousands of dollars like many top celebrites do.

Before I reveal to you all 3 of these celebrity secrets, please answer these questions real quick, have you ever...

  • Wanted to find natural ways to lose weight and feel great without hours spent in the gym or begrudgingly counting calories?
  • Been kept up at night feeling helpless because you're young at heart and you desire a youthfull body and mind to match?
  • You've Looked in the mirror in disgust after finding yet more unsighly wrinkles and gray hair?

  • Staying physically active throughout your life isn't just a desire, it's a must?

  • Sorry I must ask, but have you ever stood by helplessly like I did while loved ones slowly deteriorated from "old age" and wished you could not only help them, but also prevent the same things from happening to you?

  • Are you determined to maintain the freedom of your younger self?
  • Would you like to live in a world where people regularly mistaken you for someone 10-20 years younger than you actually are?

  • Do you want to enjoy looking at and loving the person you see in the mirror every day...?


    You can and you will...

"Hi, my name is Tim Bearden and I'm going to show you that your DNA doesn't have to define your outcome.

I once stood by on the sidelines watching loved ones' health deteriorate from "old age" while simultaneously allowing my own to slowly slide down the same path, until one day I decided to learn the secrets to staying young and healthy FOREVER.

I've spent years learning and researching scientific breakthroughs in the realm of natural health.  Once I discovered how to optimize the human body to improve age related health markers naturally, I was passionately determined to help thousands of others do the same."

Why is this so important to me AND to YOU?

Our physical health and how we feel about ourselves affects our confidence to dominate our lives and live it to its fullest.  Our ability to live life to its fullest affects happiness.  See the cycle there? It even affects how people respond to us and judge us.  You want to live life to the fullest, have plenty of energy, and look great in the process!

I'm here to tell you that you can and you WILL!


My mission began as I stood by as a teen, watching helplessly, while loved ones, who were once young and enjoyed a vibrant social life and who were able to do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted, and then all of a sudden one day they were no longer able to enjoy a fulfilling and social life due to the inconveniences of aging.

Not only did I have a strong desire and passion to help them look and feel vibrant, I also wanted to prevent the same things from happening to me!

The problem was at that age I just didn't know how. TRUE STORY, at age 19, in my naivety, I remember spending HOURS in the vitamin aisle of my local grocery store reading labels thinking that one of these supplements could help my bedridden grandfather stay active and healthy.

Because surely they have a magic pill fountain of youth at the grocery store right?!

In an attempt to help my grandfather I brought home $100 worth of supplements (not recommended).  This method obviously didn't work, for several reasons.

If only I knew then what I know now, maybe my grandfather’s latter years would have been more fulfilling for him AND for me.

Sadly, I believe a lot of people take the same naive approach as I did, not really knowing what will help.

Since then, I have devoted myself to learning the keys to looking and feeling younger.  Today You'll learn these keys.

Not only do these keys also play a role in becoming more youthful, they're also proactive in mitigating the symptoms of various chronic diseases.  That's because nearly all chronic diseases can be boilded down to a symptom of aging.  

Both chronic diseases and aging are related to your DNA and how your genes are being expressed.  Even more importantly, your gene expression changes based on your lifestyle and nutrition choices.  Today I'll show you the top 3 things you can do to alter FOREVER your gene expression naturally so that you no longer have to fear aging or the symptoms of aging.

By maximizing your DNA's potential, you will address the symptoms of aging so that TOMORROW you look and feel younger than you did yesterday. 

Life doesn't have to be lived dreading the day when we look and feel old, because our bodies have the capacity to be very resilient. 12 years ago I began my mission to find out how to naturally unlock our body's full potential even as we age, so that we age younger.

After years of research and applying what I've learned in my own life and helping others do the same, I decided it's time to share this knowledge with the rest of the world so that I can help thousands more to have the same anti-aging youth generating benefits without spending thousands of dollars --so that you too look and feel younger TOMORROW than you did yesterday.

My goal is to help you avoid wasting precious time on ineffective beauty treatments, fitness gimicks, hours in the gym, unused gym memberships, unnecessarily counting calories, and money on prescription drugs, that often at the least do nothing at all or worse cause more harm than good.

In the past, you might have felt like your health is out of your hands, that your genetics dictates your destiny; however, there is a way to maximize your DNA naturally and easily through your diet. What I'm about to share with you ...


Pharmaceutical companies already have their ear to the “road” (scientifically speaking) and are currently developing drugs to give you these same anti-aging benefits except with a much heftier price tag and all of the typical risky warning labels we all joke about and loath.

What I've created is a “manual” or a "guide" that naturally and easily provides these desired youthful benefits without the wasted money, pain, or side effects of traditional drugs or medications.

The problem is unfortunately when you were born, you didn't come with a manual that included all the things you should be doing to maintain optimum "performance levels", youthful looks, and energy.

On the otherhand, cars come with a manual right? That manual guides you in maintaining your car so that you're able to keep it looking new so you can continue enjoying it for years to come.

Have you ever gotten in someone's car and realized their car is deceptively 7, 8, or even 10 years older than what you thought? And yet it looks as though it was recently driven off the lot.

Similarly, have you ever met someone who seemed to have had "great genetics" and likewise looked years younger than they actually were?

I'm going to give you the manual to activate these same genetics in you.

Some already live it, and science confirms how easy it can be to increase life expectancy by 40-50%

There are individuals alive today who use some of these secrets.  They seem to have found the keys to turning back the clock and continue to be active at a much later age in life.

Scientists are studying these individuals and confirming that what they do, is actually working and keeping them young. In addition, these breakthroughs in our understanding are repeatable and can be customized to anyone's lifestyle to acheive similar results, naturally.

No matter what stage in life you start.

In fact, scientists in the fields of genetics and nutrition, are saying it may be possible to increase youthfulness and life expectancy by 40-50%, and in some lab cases, even doubling your lifespan.

While I can't guarantee that these youthful nutrition secrets will double your lifespan, I can show you the evidence that it has undoubtedly helped many to live more fulfilling lives and how it can help yours as well.

For instance, the oldest marathon runner in the world was born in 1911. He's over 100 years old, and didn't start running marathons until his late 80's. He still runs them today and doesn't look a day older than 65 and has never had any health problems nor has he taken any "magic" pills or potions to remain this youthful and active.

You can too and I'll show you how.

Oldest Marathon Runner

Scientist and celebrities alike are learning how this man and others are living such youthful lives and they're applying this same knowledge to their own lifestyle so that their bodies stay in "repair mode" where they look consistently 10, 15, or even 20 years younger.

Today, you're going to find out how. This I Guarantee.

And the best part is it'll cost less than the common creams, pills, and potions you may already be using and certainly less than what doctors and pharmaceutical companies might charge.

Look, we all know the basics; eat right, drink plenty of water, exercise, get enough sleep, don't drink too much alcohol, etc. But, the problem is who really knows what “eat right” actually means, or “get enough sleep”, or “proper exercise”, etc?

Then, there's the old rule that says 20% of your efforts will make 80% of the difference, so which of those things previously mentioned matter the most? Soon you'll find out.

It's not your fault you've been misguided by the media and expensive advertisements. 

We're flooded with mis-information every day, telling us what we should eat and how we should exercise.

Despite all of this information that's supposed to help us, we're still finding ourselves tired, stressed, sick, aging quicker, lacking the drive we once had, and feeling unfulfilled. It's time for real solutions. It's time for real change.

So I've Created A Step-By-Step Blueprint Revealing Easy To Use Nutrition Secrets To Help You Maximize Your DNA's Full Potential.

If you're like me and refuse to stop doing the things you enjoy and plan on staying active your entire life... because 40 is the new 20, right?

Then you'll want to join those who are already on the inside reaping the benefits, and like them, get these 3 secrets installed into your subconscious, so that they become naturally ingrained in your lifestyle.

In light of my experiences, research, and new scientific breakthroughs, I've created a step by step blueprint to help you maximize the potential locked away within your DNA --the key to aging.

These secrets will cause you to look and feel up to 15 or even 20 years.

These 3 secrets that you'll implement are like a maintenance manual for your body that will cause your body heal on a biological level.  It's like a tuneup for your DNA.

I want you to be informed, so you can take action today and begin to look and feel younger in as little as 21 days.

I've combined 12 years of profound nutritional research, using my own body as a case study, as well as what science has discovered in just the last few years in the realm of genetics and youthfulness, to create a program that will show you...


My FOREVER 29 program isn't available to the general public yet.

For 1 WEEK ONLY, I'm offering FOREVER 29 at a discounted price for this LIMITED-TIME PRE-RELEASE.

This system is easily worth HUNDREDS compaired to the price of all the anti-aging creams, gym memberships, diet programs, pills, and potions out there that promise results and simply don't deliver results.

Honestly, for what it will do for you, it's worth a lot more. The price of Forever 29 Fast Diet Secrets is $19, however, for this LIMITED-TIME PRE-RELEASE, I'm slashing that price to JUST $9!

Yep, for 1 WEEK ONLY, that's it. Learn these 3 nutrition secrets for ONLY $9!

Click the Add to Cart button for your copy of the DNA Hacks ebook. The PDF download link will be available in your email within 10 minutes.


Here's what others are saying about Forever 29 Fast Diet Secrets... 

"Change can be a grueling endeavor, but usually the efforts dim in comparison to the results achieved. In Forever 29, Tim Bearden offers a wealth of knowledge about fundamental health concepts that the majority of the general public is blindly unaware of. I appreciate the easy to understand scientific explanations and the specific recommendations that enable changes to become tangible. Additionally, it’s evident that Bearden genuinely cares about his readers’ well being and believes they are capable of reaching their full potential.  I have implemented a couple of his supplement recommendations the last two months and have already experienced improvements in my energy level and immune system response. I’m an RN in an ER, so this is a big deal with my constant sick exposures! Forever 29 is the perfect opportunity to take control of your health, life, and future. I direly hope you do so."

--RN Christina M.

Denver, CO

"Forever 29 is a page turner.  It's really good!  I've been working as a womens doctor for over 30 years.  I've read many nutritional health books that are so detailed and technical, most individuals, including myself, would never take the time to read.  Tim's method of writing is refreshing, because he's able to discuss, in easily digestible terms, how our DNA can be activated to support a healthier and active lifestyle.  On top of that his writing is incredibly encouraging and I love the quotes he picked out for each chapter.  I just couldn't put it down.  This book is a must for anyone wanting to improve their outlook."

--MD Deb S.

Denver, CO

"Really interesting! Forever 29 is definitely relevant for me as I've found unknowingly doing some of the things you go over to be helpful with my energy, like the simple 12 hour fast. The writing is informative and easy to understand without being dry like a lot of other things out there."

--Janey H.

San Diego, CA

"Forever 29 is a well written, easy to understand book.  It peaked my interest from the very beginning all the way to the end.  Grabbing my attention with the author’s family tragedy in early childhood and how it influenced the evolution of Forever 29.  I wished I had understood about DNA health and how to slow and reverse age related genetic processes 40 years ago.  It provided concise, valuable information about protective foods, nutrients that promote healthy chromosomes, resveratrol consumption (consumption of red wine), intermittent fasting, and regular exercise for the young me.  I recommend this book for all ages."

--Sharron K.

Charleston, SC

"Forever 29 was incredibly motivating, easy to follow, educational and inspirational. Tim's anecdotal stories throughout the book are very relatable and I found myself nodding along in agreement. As someone in the medical imaging field, I see and hear stories on a daily basis of patients who are in the hospital for preventable conditions. As a society, we focus a lot of our effort on healthcare after a problem has begun. This book gives you the guidelines and courage to start taking steps toward lifestyle changes to treat your body properly - from the beginning. It reminds us all how important the food we put into our body is and his helpful advice can help you start adjusting everyday decisions to make yourself healthier and prevent problems from ever starting!"

--Natalie G., Medical Sales

Milwaukee, WI

"Forever 29 lists practical examples for several different anti-aging methods.  As a Dr. in Nuclear Medicine, I've read several books on this same topic and it's by far the best book I've found, which discusses in detail the different ways to simple intermittent fasting. Tim lists some methods that I would consider very useful.  This is an easy and informative read and I'm even more encouraged now than ever to include his suggestions."

--MD Linda F.

Denver, CO

“Cheat” Your Age Without Counting Calories Or Spending Thousands On Special Treatments, Pills, Or Nutrition Coaches. Save Your Money!

Think about how much it would cost...

  • Per day/month/year for prescription drugs and health and beauty products that claim to turn back the clock, but don't?
  • For intrusive man-made treatments that nature already provides naturally?
  • For unnecessary doctor's or hospital procedures?
  • For weight-loss pills and products that just don't work?
  • For gym memberships you'll never fully utilize?
  • For frustrating diets that don't deliver results fast enough or easy enough?

Based on those costs alone, how much would a product like FOREVER 29 truly be worth...$100, $1000, $10,000? 

How much would it be worth?

  • To look and feel younger, without dangerous prescriptions, or costly health and beauty products?
  • To lose weight the fast and easy way - nature's way
  • To have confidence and enjoy looking at the person in the mirror?
  • When you become more attractive to your significant other and to the opposite sex?
  • When you are able to learn a new sport or skill and get back to doing ones you did 10,15, or maybe even 20 years ago?
  • When your joints no longer seem to hurt, your wrinkles and gray hair seem to fade, and you have more energy than you've had in a long time?
  • When you become your best version --YOU 2.0!

All the research and work is done for you!

I've compiled the best methods to unlocking your DNA's full potential in an easy to read ebook.

Today you could be using these 3 simple to follow secrets that celebrities are already using and begin the nutrition and lifestyle upgrades that will change your life within days.

You will join the many action takers who have ALREADY taken charge of their destiny and transformed their life.

These 3 simple secrets are like the combination of a lock. They unlock your body's ability to heal itself and undo the damage done throughout the years.

These discoveries have been learned from various ancient cultures who are known for retaining their youth. In recent years these discoveries have been lab tested, proven, and now documented in this system.

There are people alive today who embody these breakthroughs in science and now you can too!

IF You Act Now, You'll Get This BONUS Report With Your FOREVER 29 System

10 NUTRITION ESSENTIALS... That Will SAVE Your Life and Your Wallet, $10 value for FREE

Ever find yourself wondering which foods are trully healthy and which ones aren't?

This ONE-STOP GUIDE will help to finally answer those questions and more... 

  • Discover 4 common poisons found in certain foods that are causing us to stay sick and avoid them.
  • Stop wasting your money on 3 popular supplements that advertisers convince us we need and 2 more that are actually hurting us.
  • Start consuming these 3 LIFE SAVING nutrients that could save you thousands.
  • and more...


Instead of paying thousands on beauty products and treatments that don't work.
For THIS WEEK ONLY, you'll just pay a measly $9
GET BOTH the FOREVER 29 FAST DIET System and the BONUS Report

BUT Hurry Because

Change your DNA expression with these scientific, nutrition-based, celebrity secrets AND start looking and feeling younger TODAY.

How does this work?

  • Look and feel 10-20 years your junior, by addressing the causes to aging on a genetic level
  • Find out how lengthening your DNA's telomeres through simple lifestyle changes and nutritional intervention, causes your cells to regenerate and grow younger
  • 3 methods to reverse age related damage to your heart, skin, joints, and brain
  • The foods and supplements you should be consuming on a weekly basis to boost these transformative effects
  • How and when you should be eating that puts your body into fat burning mode
  • How our ancient ancestors ate, that causes your cells and DNA to go into repair mode
  • The truth behind which alcohol is healthy for you, if any, and why
    (it isn't for the reasons you think)
  • Learn how to naturally trigger the production of “the fitness hormone” HGH
    (increased by 1300% in women and 2000% rise in men)
  • Find out how gene expression controls which genes are activated and how you can literally trigger the youthful genes to turn on and trigger aging related genes, such as disease causing ones, to go dormant
  • Learn how to maintain your genetic changes long into the future for yourself and pass on these newly expressed (youthful) genes to your children and their children
  • Boost the brain boosting protein BDNF by 50-400%, activating new stems cells to convert to neurons and synapses, making your mind clearer and sharper
  • Naturally and easily age more slowly by reducing IGF1 within just a few days

I could go on and on about the benefits, but you get the idea.

I'm releasing everything I've learned and experienced about activating your body's healing ability and the key to unlocking your internal genetic fountain of youth – the maintenance mode which repairs and maintains your DNA.

 As You Can See, These 3 Methods Will Transform Your Body

There's no doubt about it.

Unlike other nutrition programs that offer only weight loss plans, diets for counting calories, and long hours in the gym...

FOREVER 29 FAST DIET SECRETS shows you the one thing that will not only conquer weight loss, but targets your DNA so that you actually look and feel younger too.

When you join us on the inside, with FOREVER 29, FAST DIET SECRETS, you'll have access to my system which is packed full of easily digestible and applicable information that delivers FAST results, GUARANTEED.

Here's a peak at what's inside:


This is where we lay the groundwork for a new way of thinking.  It's written in such a way that anyone can understand the concepts.  The rest of the ebook is founded on this chapter.  This is the information no one else understands enough to explain it in such a way where you just plainly get it.


This is the #1 weekly habit celebrities and centenarians (people over the age of 100) alike are already doing to stay young, fit, lose weight, increase lean muscle, and increase mental function.  You don't want to skip this chapter.


If The Celebrity Secret is a left jab to aging, then The Ageless Secret will be your right hook. It exponentially and synergistically increase these anti-aging effects by including a daily habit certain cultures throughout the world enjoy and celebrate.  It's one of nature's ways of letting you have your cake and eat it too.  Put your body's anti-aging metamorphosis into overdrive with this method.


In this chapter, I'll show you how to stop genetically corrupted cells from reproducing and encourage genetically healthy cells to continue reproducing themselves indefinately, thereby undoing damage, and ensuring you get a youthful appearance and active lifestyle.


This is where you get all of my research in an at-a-glance chart that shows you exactly what anti-aging youthful nutrients everyone, who's serious about how they look and feel, should be including in their diet and the easiest way to attain those nutrients.

Let me be crystal clear about one thing,
Forever 29, Fast Diet Secrets IS NOT...

  • Difficult to implement. These 3 secrets can be applied immediately with biological changes within days.
  • Something only young people can do. In fact, these methods have been shown to equally help older adults as well as younger adults.
  • Amazingly, these secrets do NOT have any adverse side-effects. Instead you will feel more energetic and have more mental alertness.
  • A fad diet. It's just the opposite.  Just like the gentleman who has lived to be over 100 years old and currently enjoys running marathons; with these same secrets I'll show you how easy it is to apply, so that you too will enjoy a more youthful and active life.
  • Grueling exercise... NO WAY. Exercise is not necessary to achieve your results (And by doing so, I gained 10 lbs of muscle in just a couple months without lifting a single dubmbell or weight. Wow!)
  • Missing out on your favorite foods! Forever 29 is about adding to your life, not taking away.  Think of this as something you'll add to what you're already doing. "Forever 29 Fast Diet Secrets" + What you're already doing.
  • A one size fits all. I'll show you different ways to apply these methods so it's easily customizable to fit your personal lifestyle.

These secrets work. These secrets will change your life.

I know it's sometimes tough changing your habbits and doing things out of your comfort zone.

HOWEVER, if you continue doing what you're doing now, then you will continue to miss out on your full potential in life. Where will you be 6 months from now if you do nothing different? What about 1 year from now?

This is an amazing opportunity to make a BIG difference in your life.  And honestly, you have nothing to lose.


Not that I feel you will need it, BUT I want to make sure you realize how confident I am this program delivers.  I'm giving you everything you need to begin to lose weight and look and feel younger immediately.

If after going through this program and applying everything it says to do, if you think you haven't gotten the value you anticipated; or if you haven't experienced a full-on breakthrough, let me or my staff know and we'll give you a full refund on the spot. (At the very worst, you still learned how to enhance your life to it's fullest -- It's a win-win.)

Just contact Amber at and we'll refund every penny, without any hassle. As you can imagine, my goal is for you to get the outcome you desire.

So stop procrastinating and get started on your path to looking and feeling young naturally!  Imagine yourself 6 months from now, how much better will you look and feel?

Just click the Add to Cart button below!

With my 100% money back guarantee you have nothing to lose.

GET BOTH the FOREVER 29 FAST DIET System and the BONUS Report

You always have choices in life. Here's your chance to make a difference in yours. You can decide to stay where you are, not satisfied with how you look and feel and on the same path as 99% of everyone else, or you can decide to take action now and start living the life you've always wanted by following this system and getting the results you've been looking for, knock off years from your aging clock, and stop the "age theif".

Don't live with the regret that you didn't do it. Join the rest of us and look and feel great.

Again, with my guarantee you have nothing to lose, yet so much to gain...


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