Have a Cold? Suck on this. (from my new book)

Happy 2017!

Make any New Year’s Resolutions?
I’m not really a huge fan personally.

I mean, why wait till the end/beginning
of the year to start doing something that you know is good for you and that you know will make you happier?

Here’s what I try to do, perhaps it’ll work for you too.

Improve something in your life 1% each day. I know it doesn’t seem like much,

but at the end of the year..
..you’ve improved your life 365%!

How many people do you know that are 365% better human beings at the end of each year?! 💪

Just food for thought and motivation.

So I’ve been working on something big. And since I know you care about your health and you’re big on taking action, I’ll share some of it in a couple minutes.

But have you noticed something lately?

It seems like everyone has been
sick. It’s always the same thing,
 – sore throat
 – sinus issues
 – sometimes body or headaches
 – sometimes fever
 – swollen glands
 – discomfort
 – missing work, outings with friends, or

gym day

I hate being sick personally, it’s the worst.

There’s an old adage…
..you can count on 3 things in life,

1) death (which is a long way off for Forever29 readers, and they’ll likely be out experiencing life to the fullest)
2) taxes (can’t help you there)
3) getting seasonally sick (I made this one up, but I can still help you with it)

As for número tres, I’ve spent the last 15 years trying to beat the cold and sinus infections.

I used to get them at least twice a year, like clockwork.

There’s been a metric ton of trial and error. Hey, even Thomas Edison had to fail thousands of times before he finally created a functioning light bulb. So what do the majority do when they get sick…?

(option B)
 – maybe go to the doctor if it’s bad enough
 – miss a day or two of work
 – cancel appointments
 – take anti-biotics
 – feel awful
 – sleep constantly
 – wake up in the middle of the night sweating
 – just power through it until it passes
 – try every home remedy in the book
 – try to wade through all the conflicting
information out there on Google and WebMD
feel awful some more

Lol, why?
In my honest opinion, all of the above just sucks! 😛

There’s a much quicker and easier way to get over the cold…

By quicker, I mean 1 Day.

In just a minute, I’ll give you one of my favorite ways to help with the Cold.

What if the next time you started getting sick, it looked more like this…?

(option A)
 – sense a hint of soreness in the back of your throat
 – reached into your medicine cabinet and followed
tried and true “One Day Cold Cure” advice
 – feel great
 – no missing work
 – no canceling appointments
 – no canceling dinner with friends or family
 – no missing gym day
 – save money and time not going to the Dr.
 – not wading through all the frustrating
and conflicting info on the web
 – continue enjoying your life

My new project is BIG. And it works.

It includes:
 – detailed explanations for why we
get sick
 – the best all-natural medicine cabinet
essentials to cure colds
 – diet tips and theory
 – easy to follow conversational writing style
without being too technical
 – useful bonus tips and examples
 – quick links to get what you need now so it’s
on-hand before you need it
 – references for additional reading.

For you, because I know how big of and action taker you are, I’m going to share 1 small but important piece of my “One Day Cold Cure.”
This is número dos from my “One Day Cold Cure”, found on page 17.

It’s essential when dealing with a sore throat.

With this one piece of advice, you can forever say “bye Felicia” to that next sore throat you get. 😆
(if you don’t get the reference, please don’t look it up on urban dictionary)

Número dos, page 17 = Zinc Lozenges <– Amazon link

Q: What do I do with zinc lozenges?
A: Upon first noticing a sore throat,
suck on them until your throat is better, usually within a day.

I keep them in my cheeks, yes I look like a chipmunk lol, but it works!

Q: Why suck on zinc lozenges?
A: I’m glad you asked.

The rhinovirus, responsible for the common cold, thrives and multiplies in the throat. Zinc works by inhibiting the rhinovirus’ DNA from being replicated.

It also prevents the rhinovirus from lodging in the mucous membranes of the throat.

By using zinc in the  form of lozenges, it allows the zinc to stay in continual contact with the throat and therefore the rhinovirus gets continued exposure to the zinc, killing the rhinovirus and preventing its spread.

(the excerpt above is from my “One Day Cold Cure”)

Buy on Amazon, fore sore throat

That’s one extremely helpful piece of advice from my book.

When I discovered this one thing, it totally revolutionized how I treat a sore throat.

Unlike much of what I report on, which are very important topics but often they deal with health topics that you may or may not realize the full impact until a later date…

Such is life.  We don’t get fit and inshape overnight

Just like we don’t grow old, out of shape, obese, or get a disease overnight.

It’s like a road or a building or a bridge… If we maintain them, they last forever, if they aren’t maintained, then they disappear.

My new book, however, is more practical in that the results show up within just a day or two.

As soon as you feel the initial signs of a cold, you implement your new One Day Cold Cure plan.

My “Cold Cure”, lists out 4 things everyone should have on-hand in their medicine cabinet.

9 times out of 10 it will work within a day or two. Those are pretty good odds.

You can find it HERE on Amazon.

You’ll also want to get the free Amazon Kindle App in order to view this book.

Click here for the Kindle App for your device for FREE.

The Kindle App works on any device and allows you to view thousands of kindle ebooks.

I know you’ll enjoy the read and I can’t wait to hear how you and your family have beaten the cold.

Stay well, continue working on your 1% of 365% each day, and have fun conquering your day!

Talk Soon. –Tim 🙂

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