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Is a destination for everything you need to know about nutrition and how it directly correlates to your health.  I’m here to show you how to naturally live the life you’ve always wanted by helping you stay healthy.  Your health and time are the two most important non-renewable commodities that you possess.  This blog will help you maximize both so that you get what you want in life.

This advice includes tips on reducing your chances of getting an illness or disease by pointing out various foods and supplements to both include in your diet as well as exclude.  I also spend quite a bit of time giving anti-aging advice because everyone deserves a long and healthy life doing what they love with the people they love.

I believe I have my own unique way of viewing nutrition as it pertains to health.  Without it, I could not live the active lifestyle that I currently enjoy.  This is my passion -to live a full life which cannot be attained without your health and health cannot be maintained without food-based healing and prevention.

I continually have several doctor and nurse friends read my writings for accuracy. But please remember, the advice I offer is just that, advice.  Consider visiting your health care physician before applying my suggestions.  I do my best to fact check, cite references, and also explain the science with everything I write.  However, you should always do your own fact checking with any type of advice, especially where your health is concerned.  You are your best first line of defense.

What I offer is a guide to help you come to the best decisions for your life and the inspiration to take ACTION.  It’s never too late to become Forever 29.  Ready to get started? –Tim