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8 diet tips for anti-aging

Your DNA doesn’t define your destiny.

What’s in your…. DNA?
(pause meant for effect)

I’m talking to you. 😏

What I mean is, how much blame or applause does your DNA get because  of your current circumstances?

I ask because we give our DNA too much credit and not enough credit to the role that our own actions play in shaping our DNA.

Before I continue, I must share something.

A reader wrote in asking,

“Is there any suggested weekly diet advice, for dummies like me, to eat as an alternative [to fast food, precooked, canned or boxed meals]?” –Anthony in NY, NY

So because you asked,

I have to tell you about a New Reward I’ve created just because I love it when people take initiative towards their health and future.

The very next post will have a link to download for free, a new meal plan that I’ve been working on.

Complete with:
delicious recipes
easy snack options
colorful smoothies

This is because I truly want you to experience the health and life results that only a nutritious diet can ensure.

And I understand that sometimes it’s tough coming up with healthy options when life gets so busy.

Back to our actions and our DNA…

…this isn’t just me being an optimist. It’s our actions that define our DNA, and our actions stem from our internal beliefs.

It’s true.
(per Dr. Maxwell Maltz)

What you tell yourself every day, the internal self-talk, converts into subconscious beliefs which determine not only our daily actions,

but the best part is it will also reflect in our DNA.

Which in turn reflects back to our outcomes and justifies our original self-talk and beliefs.

It’s nuts how quickly it can become a never ending cycle.

Now, if you feel you’re in a great place on most fronts, then this never ending cycle is actually working for the behalf of your best wellbeing.

If you’re not where you want to be on most fronts, then it’s working against you.

Regardless of where you are right this second, I want to give you a couple tips on how to alter your DNA, through 8 diet strategies.

If you’ve read Forever 29, then you’ll have an idea of what I’m about to share.

Epigenetics. It’s real.

(epi = on top of
genetics = our genes)

How It works…

Up until the last 8-10 years, give or take, we’ve not fully understood how our DNA works.

We’ve known that every cell in our entire body houses the same exact genetic code.

But the question is, for example, how does that same code cause one cell to become a skin cell and another cell to become a heart muscle cell?

For just a second, picture in your mind, if you could reach inside a cell in your body and pull out one strand of DNA.

Now imagine unwinding it so that it’s stretched out.

It would be almost 6 feet long. Crazy right?

And to think there are 23 of these “strands” packed inside every single cell!

Now that you’re picturing this 6-foot long strand of your DNA, imagine if you could inspect every single gene with the naked eye.

You would see roughly 20,000 of these genes inside each strand of DNA.

Each gene or combination of genes represents one function or trait of your body.

Now Picture a tiny switch, like a light switch, on top of each gene.💡

Some genes are off and some are on.

For instance, the heart muscle cell has 23 strands of DNA where the gene
that represents a skin cell, is in the off position.

And visa verse with the genes which are activated and deactivated in your skin cell.

To be clear, your skin cell contains DNA where only the genes which are responsible for being a skin cell are turned on and all other genes not responsible for this function are off.

I could tell you that this next part is fascinating and that it’ll change your life if you act on it, but I’m not. 😉

I think we’ve all heard that there are certain genes for diseases like cancer, or others that predispose us to have heart disease or other types of ailments.

Heck, even Angelina Jolie decided to have a mastectomy based on the simple fact that she had the breast cancer gene.

But because most of us don’t understand the full application of epigenetics, we don’t know how to respond properly.

We miss out on opportunity, go under the knife unnecessarily, or worse, we put ourselves in danger.

Just because you may have a particular gene for a certain disease, doesn’t mean you’ll actully get that disease.

If that gene stays in the off position, then your body remains healthy.

In addition, we also have genes which produce HGH (human growth hormone), genes that cause us to heal quickly, age slower, keep us healthy, genes that were more active when we were young.

SO… just like you can potentially turn bad genes off, you can equally turn good genes on.

Because of our current understanding of epigenetics, it’s more possible than ever before for us to reinvigorate our sleeping, youthful genes.


Disable genes that cause us to age quickly or cause disease.

In fact, the future of medicine will be based mostly on genetics and epigenetics.

Instead of a one-size-fits-all solution that current medicine is based on, where everyone is placed in generic categories and then medicine is prescribed on those categories…

(which often comes with terrible side effects)

In the future, your DNA will be sampled, and a custom nutraceutical will be designed just for you.  It’ll be based on your unique DNA.

It will activate desired genes and silence undesirable genes.

We may even have designer variations that will activate recessive
genes such as a different hair or eye color…

Imagine that!

HOWEVER, let’s be practical.

What can you do right now, considering this new information on epigenetics?

Remember this. Everything you put in your body effects your epigenetic expression, aka which genes are on and which ones are off.

But before we get into that, what’s even more intriguing is that we not only pass on our DNA to our children, we also pass on our epigenetic expression. Our children can alter this expression through their lifetime, but… (this is important)

based on your actions before having them, you can put them either at an advantage or disadvantage depending on which genes you’ve activated before having them.

So in other words, children start out their first years with the DNA
that you’ve activated in your body during your lifetime before having them.

So, picture with me… if you have the DNA for a super athletic body type.

You can pass on these genes activated or deactivated, based on your lifestyle.

The same applies, if you have activated genes for accelerated aging or some form of cancer, for example, you can also pass these undesirable activated genes to your children giving them a better chance of having cancer before they’re an adult.

That’s scary.

Again, the opposite is also true.

This might explain something important.

Like how a child can become diagnosed with an illness that would normally only occur with a full-grown adult who’s abused
their body their entire adult life.

Ok, now you may be asking, “what do I do?” and what are some
things that cause us to activate youthful genes and genes
that keep us healthy?

Here are 8 dietary tips that will make a difference.

1) Cut down the intake of added sugar, like candy and pastries.

2) Incorporate weekly Intermittent fasting, like going without food for 20 hours once a week.

3) Cutting out processed carbs from your diet, like bread and pasta.

4) Drinking red wine. I enjoy red zin or malbec.

5) Consuming more fruits and veggies. See how often can you make a meal out of plant foods only.

6) Eating fewer animal products, like meat and dairy.

7) Get more sunlight or supplement with vitamin D.

8) Eat more nutrient-packed superfoods. (which will have medicinal properties)

All of the above can be found in more detail inside my ebook, Forever 29: Fast Diet Secrets

Ok, gotta get back to work.

Be on the lookout for your free reward,

A meal plan to slim down just in time for summer. ☀

Have fun conquering

your day!

Talk soon. –Tim

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